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Guitar tablature: acoustic guitar tabs and electric guitar tabs for free

Despite you may hear guitar tabs are new and the only “right” way of playing guitar is using sheet music paper and notes, first attempts to create and use tabs have appeared more than 300 years ago. Today guitar tablature is used even by musicians; for beginners and people who yet don’t have strong skills guitartabs are the fastest way to master the instrument.

As you may know, guitar tabs are nothing else but drawings of six strings. Digits on strings show on what fret you should put your fingers to. Digits on the same line show how many frets are used in one chord. If some string has no digits on it, it means this string is “open” (played without putting your fingers on some fret). In case you see strings marked as “x”, they are not included into a chord.

First you may find it hard to play music from guitar tabs, but soon you will get accustomed and learning new melodies will become much easier. We recommend starting from easy guitar tabs. Mostly these are acoustic guitar tabs – the majority of chords and tabs are created for this instrument. However, today more electric guitar tabs appear too. Also, when you get some experience, you will be able to transcribe acoustic guitar tabs to electric guitar riffs.

If you have no idea where to start from, try to play melodies that contain chords and learn them. Guitar tabs for beginners usually even have names of chords written above the tablature. If you see big letters from A to G – these are the names. The most popular chords are Minor Chords, Seventh Chords and Major Chords.

Minor Chords have letter m, so you can tell the chord like Am is minor. Dominant seventh chords are marked with 7, for example, E7. Finally, if there’s no “m” or “7”, the chord is major. Try to remember the chords you play, the way you put your fingers on frets to play the chord and you will increase your playing speed.

Some people state you need to have a birth-given talent or extraordinary skills to play the guitar, but the practise shows the opposite. Only learning and patience can make you play guitar good. Try not to lose your interest towards it. This is not easy, but there’s one good advise – play the songs you like and we will provide you with free guitar tabs of all music styles and genres, from old ones to newest hits and from pop to metal.

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