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Only Hope by Switchfoot chord

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Band nameSwitchfoot »
Song nameOnly Hope »
Tab typeChords »
Size3.08 Kb
File formattxt

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Text of tab


CHORDS: Em - 022000     A - x02220    D    - xx0232
        C9 - x32030     G - 320033    C#m7 - x46454
        Bm - x24432     B - x24442    F#7  - 242322    
    Em     G	Bm   Em          C9     G    C9    B      Em
                           |---- 1.

        C9    G  C9   Bm     Em
 |---- 2.

VERSE 1: (plucked)
Em          G             Bm Em      C9  G   C9  B
  Thereís a song thatís inside of my soul,
Em         G              Bm Em         C9       G     C9    B
  Itís the one that Iíve tried to write over and over again.
Em     G           Bm Em    C9   G   C9  B
  Iím awake in the infinite cold,
Em        G          Bm Em    C9       G     C9   B
  But you sing to me over and over and over again. 

CHORUS: (strummed)
       E      B         A
  So I lay my head back down,
        E       B
  And I lift my hands and
  A          C#m7
  Pray to be only yours,
    A          C#m7
  I pray to be only yours,
     C9                B
  I know now youíre my only hope.

  Em     G     Bm     Em  C9      G      C9       B     Em   

VERSE 2: (plucked)
Em        G      Bm  Em       C9   G   C9   B
  Sing to me the songs of the stars,
Em         G      Bm   Em    C9           G         C9   B
  Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again.
Em        G             Bm  Em        C9   G   C9   B
  When it feels like my dreams are so far,
Em        G         Bm  Em         C9          G     C9   B
  Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again. 


(Still a bit off. Haven't had time fixing this yet.)

BRIDGE: (strummed)
D                 Em
  Iíll give you my apathy,
D               Em 
  Iím giving you all of me.
D              Em
  I want your symphony,
  F#7                   B
  Singing in all that I am.
         A                   B
  At the top of my lungs,
      A                   B
  Iím giving it back.___


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