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Tabs and lyrics of bands and artists starting with A:

It's not a secret many people start searching chords or Guitar Pro 5 tabs and try playing music after they've got inspired by songs of a favorite band. Even professional musicians who are today known and loved by millions state there have been times when they just have made first steps into amazing world of music and have used piano sheet music, guitar or power tabs to play songs by the idols of that time.

Do not hesitate to cover songs by your favorite band, especially now, when free guitar tabs and chords make it so much easier!

Now you are at page 61 of our website and this section is devoted to bands and musicians starting from A.

Below you will find the list of bands with the letter/digit of your choice. All listings are made in alphabetical order. Opposite to the name of a band or solo musician you can see the number of songs present in our database and the number of free guitar tabs and chords.

As you can see, the number of songs and tabs is mostly not equal. This happens because one song can have acoustic guitar tabs, piano tabs, bass tabs, drum & bass tabs and song lyrics, etc. Quite often popular songs have several versions of free Guitar Pro tabs. If you see this, we recommend downloading more than one tab as they may contain extra data like drum tabs, bass guitar tabs or acoustic + electric guitar tabs and other information that may help you to get the desired result.

If you are not sure, what band you'd like to select, pay your attention to Azul Zero tabs - has wide selection of chords and tabs by this musician. Azycar Moreno Guitar Pro tabs usually fit not only skilled players and suit people who'd like to find easy guitar tabs and acoustic guitar chords. Azymuth and Azul Violeta music is popular among all ages, so don't hesitate to get piano tabs or free guitar chords by these bands. Finally, Azriel guitar song tabs are a real must-have for any person who plays guitar.

Browse pages to see the complete list of the bands available in our database or use our handy band search for quick result.

Popular bands for A

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Band name Songs Tabs
2401 Azn Pride 1 3
2402 Azokaa 2 6
2403 Azpiazu 2 2
2404 Azra 21 74
2405 Azrael 3 6
2406 Azreal 1 1
2407 Azriel 1 2
2408 Aztec Camera 3 12
2409 Aztec Two-step 2 2
2410 Aztecas Tupro 2 2
2411 Aztek Trip 1 3
2412 Aztlan Underground 1 2
2413 Azul 1 1
2414 Azul Azul 4 6
2415 Azul Limao 4 4
2416 Azul Violeta 8 11
2417 Azul Zero 3 3
2418 Azure 1 9
2419 Azusa 1 1
2420 Azycar Moreno 2 2
2421 Azymuth 1 1
2422 Azyrius 3 9
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